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Migrate to Archlinux

First time I heard this distro (Archlinux) I feel this distro so difficult, I think I can’t use it too, because Archlinux need manual configuration (start from setup untill install desktop manager). I prefer using auto-configure distro to archlinux, but I want to learn linux more and more. Then I try this distro, I find more complete wiki documentation for archlinux (this make newbie like me more easy to following installation steps). After fammiliar with this distro I decided to full migrating to archlinux. Archlinux so comfortable and very suitable for me. In prior distro I every day re-install linux and change distro, because I am not satisfied.. I need up to date application and system without re-install. All I want on Archlinux. The following are the features I liked from arch linux :
1. Rolling Release Distro, so I not need to wait new release, I just update and get up to date system 😉
2. More stable
3. Manual Configuration, so I can learn linux
4. More completed wiki documentation https://wiki.archlinux.org/
5. Alternative distro

Thanks to :
– Judd Vinet and Aaron Griffin
– Archlinux community

  1. khairullah
    April 6, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    bro, I want an ebook for newbie archlinux.. I hope you send directlink for it, sorry my english is confused

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